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News 21.02.2020
DACHSER organizes special charters to China

In response to the restricted air freight capacity situation caused by COVID-19, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics has drawn up a charter contingency plan. As a result, customers can currently rely on a robust and reliable premium flight service from Frankfurt to China.

Market Information 20.02.2020
COVID-19: Further update on DACHSER’s operations in China

General status

Factories and businesses are gradually resuming operations.

To prevent infection at workplace, authorities have taken preventive measures: enterprises are required to submit applications to local authorities before they are allowed to resume work. Applicants need to demonstrate they are observing strict hygiene requirements and are capable of providing adequate hygiene consumables to the workforce.

Even if the application is approved, only a very limited number of staff are allowed to enter the workplace. The measure is aimed to reduce the chance of people being affected. Therefore, most of the enterprises are operating with skeleton staffing, and have their employees working from home, if applicable.

DACHSER branches

  • All DACHSER branches except Kunshan and Wuhan have resumed business with skeleton staffing in the office due to local quarantine procedures and preventative measures;
  • Part of our team members are working from home to keep the operations ongoing;
  • Kunshan warehouse will re-open once approvals from the authorities are granted;
  • Wuhan is closed and scheduled to re-open on February 24, subject to change depending on the situation;
  • Please excuse us for the delay in some processes, as most of the units in the supply chain within China are not functioning in full capacity. Please refer to Transport logistics in China at the next section;
  • Hong Kong branch is fully operational. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will advise if our ability to operate is impacted.

Transport logistics in China

While we are trying our best to keep your supply chain as smooth as possible, please consider that other units in the supply chain did not resume full capacity yet. Carriers and terminals are gradually resuming operations with skeleton staff. Delays and other operational issues are expected.

  • Road:
    • Trucking services are resuming but only with less than 50% of the usual labour supply. Only a limited number of trucking companies received permits to resume operation. Lack of truckers continues;
    • Inter-cities and inter-provinces trucking are especially challenging due to increasingly tightened regulations on road;
  • Railway:
    • Rail carriers reduced departures  to and from China; some railway platforms (i.e. Wuhan, Yiwu, Zhengzhou) are closed until further notice;
    • Rail terminals are operating except Wuhan (Wujiashan station);
    • Customs are operating except Wuhan (overtime could be reserved with application from brokers);
    • FCL service on pre/on-carriage is a challenge due different policies of traffic controls applied by local authorities;
    • LTL service is not available as most of logistics parks/distribution centers are closed; FTL service is available in ad hoc level;
  • Air:
    • Airlines resumed freighter to and from China;
    • Capacity is still an issue since many of the airlines suspended passenger flights;
    • Charter services are available with guaranteed uplift and transit time for our customers with urgent shipment;
  • Sea:
    • Carriers have reduced sailings to and from China;
    • Ocean terminals are operating, except Wuhan;
    • Lack of equipment starts to be an issue;
    • Container trucking only resumes on average 50% of normal capacity;
    • The US and Vietnam has quarantine requirements for vessels leaving Chinese ports.

At DACHSER, we have contingency measures in place and will offer you the best alternative solutions to keep your supply chain running in case any shipment is affected.

Please rest assure that we will update you with the latest information on how this is impacting your supply chain. Should you have any concerns and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.

Market Information 20.02.2020
National Strike in France on February 20, 27 and March 5

Below are the main impacts on air, sea freight and rail services:

  • French ports will be on strike with 4 hours on February 20, 27 and March 5.
  • Shortage of drivers have to be expected and some vessels have been delayed at the moment.
  • Alternative options like Antwerp are congested (trucking companies and shipping lines).
  • Special equipment is lacking more than usual, we are facing 2/3 weeks delay.
  • Rail services are not concerned
  • Air freight is not concerned

Our operational teams will offer you the best alternative solutions and keep you posted on a regular basis of any development on your respective files.

Should you have any concerns and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.

News 17.02.2020
New glass for Big Ben

From the Upper Palatinate to London: DACHSER delivers plate glass hand blown by glassworks Glashütte Lamberts to the UK. The destination of the safely packaged glass panes is none other than the world-famous Elizabeth Tower in London.

News 04.02.2020
DACHSER invests in the Netherlands

The groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the DACHSER Logistics Center Rotterdam in Waddinxveen, South Holland, was held in mid-December. Thanks to the construction of a new warehouse, DACHSER can offer its customers even more storage capacity.

Market Information 29.01.2020
Brexit: From January 31, 2020 with a transition period

Britain will leave the European Union on January 31, 2020. According to the current circumstances, nothing will change in goods traffic between the countries of the European Union and Great Britain until the end of this year.

After that, a free trade agreement between the EU countries and Great Britain should come into force. However, it is still unclear whether such a free trade agreement can be negotiated and approved by the end of the year.

The Brexit checklist (see below) therefore still provides an overview of the necessary preparatory measures. If you have any questions, please contact your responsible contact person at the respective DACHSER branch.

Market Information 21.01.2020
National strike in France – update week 4

During the past weeks, massive strikes against a planned pension reform have paralyzed public transport in France. The strike is still going on this week (week 4).

French ports, which are already impacted by days of strike, are getting congested. Alternative options like Antwerp, Genoa or Barcelona are getting congested as well, therefore delays on bookings and pick up/delivery with those ports are expected.

Here is an overview of the planned strike activity in the French ports:

  • Dunkerque: dockers/stevedores 23/01 & 24/01; tugboats 22/01 to 25/01 until 6 am
  • Le Havre: dockers/stevedores 22/01 to 25/01 until 6 am; tugboats 24/01 to 25/01 until 8 am
  • Montoir: dockers/stevedores 22/01 to 25/01 until 6 am; tugboats 21/01 to 24/01 until 9 am
  • FOS: dockers/stevedores 22/01 to 25/01 until 6 am; tugboats 20/01 to 23/01 until 9 am

Pick-up and delivery by rail would be also difficult. Air freight is not concerned so far, but we will keep you informed about that.

Get assured that our operational teams will do their utmost to minimize the effects of the strike.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your responsible contact person in the respective DACHSER branch.

Market Information 16.12.2019
The UK election 2019 - Update

The UK general election on December 12, 2019 gave a clear result in favor of the Torries. As a result, it can now be assumed that the UK will leave the European Union on January 31, 2020 on the basis of the withdrawal agreement that was negotiated on October 17, 2019.

This withdrawal agreement includes a transition period until December 31, 2020. During this period, a comprehensive trade agreement between the UK and the European Union is to be agreed. Until the expiry of this period, no material effects of the withdrawal are to be felt. Thus, according to the current status, only marginal restrictions regarding deliveries to and from the UK can be expected during the transition period.

In case of any questions, please contact your contact person of DACHSER.

News 12.12.2019
The new DACHSER magazine issue 04/19 is here!

Renowned as they are for innovation and quality paired with tradition and craftsmanship, many products from Switzerland enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Among them Ricola cough drops, a classic sweet whose special recipe contains 13 herbs from the Swiss mountains.

Market Information 11.12.2019
New regulatory requirements for lithium batteries and cells as of January 1, 2020

Before lithium batteries and cells can be transported, they must pass certain tests. These tests simulate various conditions with regard to, for example, pressure, temperature, crushing and impact that may arise during shipping.

On January 1, 2020, more stringent requirements concerning lithium batteries and cells will come into effect for all modes of transport worldwide. In future, a test summary compliant with UN 38.3.5 must be submitted for all lithium batteries and cells manufactured after June 30, 2003 (i.e. UN3480, UN3481, UN3091, UN3090), as well as for all battery-powered vehicles manufactured after June 30, 2003 (i.e. UN 3171). Doing so will be the joint responsibility of the manufacturers and the distributors of these goods.

According to the airlines, carriers and shipping companies, these documents can be requested from DACHSER. We therefore kindly ask our customers to make these documents available to us for all the lithium batteries and cells mentioned, so that we can, in turn, make them available throughout the entire supply chain. We hereby inform our customers that, as of January 1, 2020, it will no longer be possible to load the affected goods without these documents. For further information, please click here.

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